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Dough It up at The Cookie Jar D.C. | Spinoff DC

Dough It up at The Cookie Jar D.C.


Do yourself a favor and step out of the cupcake line. Cookie dough is coming in hot to D.C. and you’re going to want to save room to indulge.

Meet Lindsay Larner: A young entrepreneur who left her marketing job this past January to start her own business – selling safe-to-eat cookie dough by the jar.

It’s the unthinkable made real. Your childhood indulgence every time your mother turned her back to the oven is now safely edible, meaning there are no raw eggs and no risk of salmonella in Larner’s dough. The egg substitute? Milk.

“You could also use chickpeas or applesauce to replace the eggs, but I wanted the real deal. This is milk, butter, sugar – this is a treat,” said Larner.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.55.46 PMLarner joined Union Kitchen, a commercial kitchen space in D.C. in February and set out to make her first batch for The Cookie Jar D.C. Union Kitchen not only offered Larner space to bake, but guided her through the business licensing and registration process and delivers her products to stores and private events after Larner pitches her way in. Union Kitchen is for Larner, and other aspiring culinary businesses, a startup safe haven.

The reason why she made the jump from desk to dough? The sheer creative outlet that The Cookie Jar D.C. provides.

“That’s where all of this started. I was just looking for something creative to do outside of work,” said Larner. “It’s also part of my personality: I can’t just have fun for fun’s sake, I have to make a game out of it. So, I couldn’t just make cookie dough in my kitchen. It was too cool to keep it there.”

Armed with her own custom made cookie recipes, Larner substituted raw eggs for milk, left behind the baking soda and baking powder and through some trial and error, made what is now The Cookie Jar D.C.

It’s D.C.’s own culinary one woman show and Larner is gaining speed. She’s marketed her way into office events, weddings and the shelves of Pentagon City’s Whole Foods. She’s amassed a strong following on Instagram and names her customers as her biggest source of inspiration.

As Larner puts it, when she’s listening to comments, her wheels start spinning. Vegan chocolate chip cookie dough has come from these outside comments and after some words from some dog lovers, Larner is hoping to create a dog-friendly formula.

“Dough for dogs! I want to make it!” said Larner.

Her ultimate goal for The Cookie Jar D.C.? To have cookie dough trump the cupcake.

“I want to eventually be sold in more stores and to one day have my own storefront, but I also want to be the go-to place for cookie dough, just like everyone has their favorite cupcake place – I want that to be me,” said Larner. “I think this could be the beginning of something big.”

Any jar or assortment of jars and flavors can be purchased nationwide on her company website and the dough is available on UberEats weeknight and weekday evenings. 


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