Help a hound! What you can do for your furry friends in the district


Are you a dog person? Check out City Dogs as a simple way to get your doggo fix and to help out too.

D.C. is a dog friendly place with dog parks, dog friendly apartments and even dog rescue shelters like City Dogs.. But since many D.C. residents have jobs that require them to travel or have too busy of schedules to take on the responsibility of a dog, not everyone can have a furry companion.

Fortunately, you can get  your dog fix and help out too! City Dogs NEEDS DOG WALKERS. You need a pooch Рand they need you. You can call or email City Dogs, sign up for a slot to walk one of their fluffy rescues, and enjoy two, glorious hours with a doggo.

You can also foster a dog for a couple of weeks, which takes some of the pressure off City Dogs.

To learn more about City Dogs check out their website and like their Facebook page.


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